JCI TOYP is an international project that aims to recognize young people (18-40 years old) that excel in their fields of activity and create positive changes in the community.

By identifying and promoting them, JCI enhances the importance of socially responsible leaders. Their success stories, which involve determination, research and ingenuity, serve as models for young people, help the development of society and inspire all of us to become better leaders.

Already an event with tradition, TOYP is a project with international connotations that scans the socio-economic environment where young people are active, bringing those who managed to really stand out to the forefront, to create a positive change in society … to be truly OUSTANDING.

From 216 JCI Romania began to present to the young generation the success stories of some wonderful young people, annually awarding 10 finalists. In 2018 the award ceremony took place in an imposing and of great importance to the history of our country estalishment, the building of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest. Each year over 150 guests experienced the thrill of awarding the success stories that JCI Romania wanted to make them known.