In a city blighted by industrial pollution, in the context of global resource overuse, JCI wants to carry out a series of long-term educational actions and programs, actions that target first and foremost raising our behavioural awareness regarding resource expenditure. And secondly – the education and therefore the diminished use of natural resources (water, energy resources, forests) and pollution.

Activities carried out in 2017:

  1. March 2017 – “Spring cleaning”.

In March 2017, we organized the first ever cleaning event consisting of cleaning around the students dorms and the Heroes Park, with the help of Târgu-Mureș Sanitation and Public Domain Administrations within the city hall.

  1. “Water day” – JCI in association with the Mureș Basin Water Administration marked World Water Day during International Community Service week, with an event that raised awareness about the irresponsible use of the natural resource that is WATER, lowering its pollution level and the importance that it has on nature. The participants and recipients of these informations were the children of the 2nd and 3rd grades of Dacia Gymnasium and Târgu-Mureș school number 18, as well as the children from the Kiwi orphanage.
  2. The “Garden Workshop” – In July we organised a creative Workshop using recyclable materials held at J`ai Bistrot with over 50 participants (children and parents).
  3. “Autumn cleaning” – this time it took place at the Cornești Plateau. Although the weather was not in our favour, the local volunteers didn’t abandoned and despite the fact that the activity was postponed by a week due to rain, we didn’t gave up and we pursued to accomplish our objective: A CLEAN NATURE
  4. Started the “GREEN HOUR” project in partnership with Yves Rocher.

Started a series of 3 workshops entitled “Citadel Workshops”.

Start educating: we held 27 hours of talks with the children from grades I to IV, about nature, the importance of protecting it and lowering the use of natural resources.

The activities within the JCI ECO project have been recognised and awarded nationally, during the National JCI Conference held in Constanța, in October 2017 and was proposed to be implemented in the other JCI branches.