The Public Speaking Club was a project that aimed to help people overcome their fear of speaking in public. The project was based on the “learning by doing” method, and the framework facilitated the interaction between the participants and the beginning of new friendships.

Thus, during the 9 editions (held between October 2013 – June 2014), the participants had the opportunity to develop their oratory skills, under the guidance of true professionals in the fields of acting, media, psychology, sales, or NLP.

Our guests were representative people, both locally and nationally: Ioana Roman (Media), Călin Ștefanescu (Tjobs), Marius Pop (Direct Spark), Pop Irimie Pompei (Aktus Dramatikus), Ionuț Oprea (Transilvania Business), Simona Ciff (Adventure Life, Top Psy), Nicu Mihoc (Saptespatru ‘Theater), Sorin Peligrad (CEO & Trainer Alchemy Consulting and Training), Costin Gavaza (Actor, Director of the Improvisation School), Ovidiu Maior (PR Azomures).

The Public Speaking Club was a real success, with an average of 50-60 participants/edition and many positive reviews, both from participants and speakers, as well as from the local media.