Between July 17-18, JCI Târgu Mureș participated for the second time at the “Barefoot in the grass” festival, this time contributing with creativity, by involving those who visited the JCI stand, both adults and children, in various activities: from making dolls and clay figurines, to discussions about books. Two special guests helped us create the holiday atmosphere:

  • Valentin Covaciu, writer and publicist, winner of the manuscript contest “Prozoteca 2019”, who told us what it’s like to be a writer.
  • Adina Iancu, master student in Applied Art of Animation, who shared with us her new passion – puppet theater.

Our organization’s involvement in the festival meant, in addition to being able to be close to the members of our local community again, after the long time of restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the possibility of resuming and restarting the Eco and I Love my Health projects, through awareness actions on topics related to health and environmental care. Thus, those who visited the JCI stand were able to find out what are the secrets of a restful sleep, but also how to be more ECO-conscious, to contribute to a cleaner environment and to take the first steps towards a sustainable life, by finding alternative solutions to reduce waste.

In addition, all participants were encouraged to collect plastic lids and bring them in exchange for surprise rewards, which then reached the Soul Lids Association in Cluj, where they were revalued and the money obtained from their recycling used for various humanitarian causes.

We would like to thank the organizers of the Barefoot in the grass festival for the invitation to be part of this event, project managers and all our colleagues for their dedication and work, our special guests – Adina Iancu and Valentin Covaciu – for their presence, involvement and the support offered in carrying out the activities, Radiomures for promoting our participation at the festival and, last but not least, all the people who visited the #JCI stand, brought books or plastic lids and joined us during the two days of the festival.