I Love My Health

I Love My Health

“The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you care about your health? How satisfied are you with your way of life? Can you make it better?

We consider that there is a lot to improve and to learn about how to care about our health.

It is because of this reason that when established the “I love my health!” project.

What make us stand out?

“I Love My Health” is a trademark JCI Târgu-Mureș project that is presenting a series of practical notions, useful examples that are easy to add to everyone’s daily lives. In our approach, we will work with: nutritionists, dermatologists, athletes, psychologists and experts in cosmetics.

Who can participate?

We are addressing to every person interested in changing their lifestyle into a healthy one, our main target being employees and entrepreneurs with an unbalanced and sedentary lifestyle. Anyone who wants to have a healthy way of life can take part: food, hydration, rest, sports, relaxation, mentality.

Topics and sections:

  • During each event, we will invite a nutritionist that will teach us what a healthy nutrition means, the steps towards a balanced diet, eating secrets, nutritious substances, but also the desired body weight;
  • We will have an athlete who will not only tell and show us how to correctly do physical exercises, but also some notions about anatomy;
  • We will have a psychologist who will explain to us how all challenges and problems start from the brain and what can we do to control our bad urges and habits.
  • We will have a dermatologist who will tell us about the influence of the place where we live has on our skin and how our body’s problems affect our skin.
  • We will have a cosmetics expert who will advise us on how to take care of our skin.

You will learn:

  • To set targets and be helped in achieving them;
  • How to develop new habits in your diet, sports, thinking, and you will see how you can integrate them in the daily routine – you will receive advice on different issues that you are dealing with;
  • Make new friends that have the same interests as you do, in a place where friendship, cooperation and the desire to change are everywhere;
  • You will see how all these new things and new healthy habits will improve the quality of your life and you will gain a higher level of energy throughout the day.

Starting with 2018, we are focusing our attention towards an area that is a growing concern among the Romanian consumers, the consumption of natural, healthy products. We wish to promote the local food growers through our projects, we intend to create programs to inform the community about the importance of a healthy nutrition and lifestyle.