The project “I get involved for Mures” is a JCI Târgu-Mures civic initiative, which emerged naturally, as a proof of solidarity, given the pandemic and the rapid spread of the SARS-COV2 infection.

In partnership with Red Cross Mures, we joined forces and initiated a fundraising campaign through donations to help vulnerable, self-isolated people, without caregivers, as well as persons with no income, in these difficult times. Together, we appealed to our citizens to support isolated individuals or families during the emergency situation caused by COVID-19.

Given the high risk of contamination, the only viable solutions we found, in order to help, were money donation, donations made by legal persons consisting of protection equipments – gloves, masks, protection gowns, cleaning products and disinfectants, as well as sponsorships or donations of food products – flour, pasta, rice, oil, sugar, cannes or personal hygiene products.

The Red Cross Mures volunteers made sure that all these products had reached the isolated families without jeopardizing the lives of volunteers and families.

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