I Love My Health

I Love My Health

„The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you care about your health? How satisfied are you with your way of life? Can you make it better?

We consider that there is a lot to improve and to learn about how to care about our health.

It is because of this reason that when established the „I love my health!” project.

What make us stand out?

„I Love My Health” is a trademark JCI Târgu-Mureș project which aims to raise community awareness on the importance of their own choices in maintaining good health.

Initiated in 2015, I love my Health is a JCI Târgu-Mureș project organised as annual conferences addressing everyone interested in receiving practical and easily applicable advice on healthy lifestyle, directly from nutritionists, dermatologists, athletes, psychologists and experts in cosmetics.

During each event, participants had the opportunity to learn what a healthy and balanced diet means, what types of physical exercises are mostly recommended, how to give up unhealthy habits, as well as notions about skin health.

Starting with 2018, the project focused on an area that is a growing concern among the Romanian consumers – the consumption of natural, healthy products. With the intention of  promoting the local food growers, we therefore developed programs aiming to inform the community about the importance of a healthy diet.

In 2021, considering the global epidemiological context, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical and mental health, we intend to focus on promoting the importance of responsible and accurate information, therefore collaborating with medical professionals.

Therefore, our objectives for this year are:

  • educating the community and raising awareness on health topics
  • encouraging and facilitating the access to proper and accurate medical information, from official sources
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • increasing trust and confidence in medical staff and, consequently, responsiveness to prevention and treatment measures.

The informational activities will be structured on several plans:

  • Online/Media campaigns (social media posts, webinars) carried out throughout the year.
  • On-site events (conferences, courses / workshops) on common health issues topics, chosen after a community need analysis
  • Possible fund-raising campaigns associated with informational activities.

Thus, February and March will be dedicated to raising awareness on vaccination against COVID-19.

You can follow the posts from the awareness campaign by accessing the JCI Târgu-Mureș Facebook page.

On July 11 2021, volunteers from the Red Cross Mureș were with JCI Târgu Mureș members, facilitating the First Aid Course, in which participants had the opportunity to learn how to provide first aid in various medical emergencies, what are the measures to be applied in case of injuries, and, perhaps most importantly, to practice the maneuvers of the resuscitation protocol. At the end, our colleagues obtained a certificate attesting the skills acquired during the course, and our organization was awarded a diploma as a sign of gratitude for supporting the campaign against COVID-19.