If you are an ambitious person, determined and want to create professional and personal quality relationships or make a contribution to the community you live in, we invite you to join the JCI team.

Along with us, you will benefit from the know-how necessary for your needs, whether you want to develop a business, improve your professional skills or implement new ideas.

Fill in the JCI Adhesion Form and we’ll contact you to have a discussion.

The JCI Targu-Mures team


If you relate to the profile of JCI members… don’t hesitate!

  1. I consider myself an open and sociable person.
  2. I always have something to learn, I am open to new ideas.
  3. Integrity and Professionalism are keywords for me.
  4. I have a trade in which I want to grow/ I want to build a business.
  5. I am interested in broadening my professional and personal circle of relationships.
  6. Work hard, party hard!


Your journey alongside us will be a beautiful one that will start by filling in the JCI Adhesion Form, followed by an interview with JCI Târgu-Mureș team members. Once you become a JCI member, you will get to meet our colleagues, you will become familiar with our way of doing things, we will present to you our local, national and international projects, as well as our mission, vision and our values.

You will periodically attend meetings and get involved in the projects you are interested in. As you start growing, you can become a project coordinator and implement your own idea.

And if you prove to be a good leader and you want to lead the organization to another level, you can apply for a position on the management team of the organization and even become a local president. In JCI, the “One Year to Lead” policy allows each candidate to showcase their management skills for one year.

Of course, throughout your journey you will experience unique, fun and unforgettable moments alongside the JCI members. Be the change you want to see in the world! Evolve!”

“JCI Motto – Be better!”

B. What are your benefits?

  1. Belonging to an international network and the possibility to meet interesting people.
  2. The possibility to take part in conferences, seminaries, personal and professional growth courses.
  3. The possibility to put into practice your leadership and coordinating abilities.
  4. The possibility to contribute to the development of the city you live in.
  5. Access to international know-how and the possibility to improve in the field you are interested in.
  6. The possibility to travel anywhere (see the JCI International section) and to participate in International Conferences.