Voice, Diction and Oratory Workshop with Andrei Țigănaș
Târgu Mureș16 January
Voice, Posture, Improvisation Workshop with Andrei Țigănaș
Târgu Mureș15 February
Smart Social Business – Social enterprises
Târgu Mureș19 February
Dragobete. Relationships in the modern eraTârgu Mureș20 February
JCI Romania Presidents Conference Suceava21-23 February
Powerful Together Women for Women – March 8thTârgu Mureș8 March
Cancer prevention in the world of women – postponedUngheni – Mureș15 March
From addiction to self-contro – postponedTârgu Mureș18 March
JCI Balkan Conference – postponedBelgrade, Serbia27-29 March
Make It Grow with JCI – postponedTârgu Mureș – Zagăr21 March
Public Speaking Conference – postponedTârgu Mureș04 April
JCI European Conference 2020Dublin, Ireland27-30 May
Smiles in Gift – Summer CampTârgu Mureș28-30 August
JCI National Conference Târgu Mureș8-12 October
JCI World Congress Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan3-7 November