11even experiences Târgu Mureș

The “11even Experiences” event is part of the national series of social-motivational events with the theme “About beautiful people and their stories”. 11even meant 11 personalities, who, for 11 minutes, shared their experiences, feelings, fears or troubles with those in the room. Starting from the premise that emotions lead to action, the 11even events were created to open the minds and souls of the participants, to inspire and generate positive decisions related to life and career.

The event took place on November 14, 2015, at Grand Hotel, and had as guests professionals from different fields:

Cora Muntean – with over 24 years experience in journalism, she worked for Evenimentul zilei, Realitatea TV, Târgu-Mureş Television, Europa FM.

Ioan Sabău Pop – well-known Private law specialist, professor at Petru Maior University Târgu Mureș, member of the International Court of International Arbitration attached to the Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, recognized for his special involvement in the field of National Heritage Conservation.

Octav Russu – Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatologist, member of several national and international Orthopaedic Societies, Lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Târgu-Mureş.

Vizi Imre – Musician, became known at the show The Voice of Romania and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Gabriela Farczadi – Laboratory biologist, founding member of the Association “Together for the children with cancer”. The association has been operating for 8 years, having as founding members doctors, assistants, teachers and business people, counting on the openness and support of civil society, business people and other organizations. Her motto is “We work miracles together.”

Victor Miron – Writer, famous in the international press for his unique campaigns,  designed to promote reading in public spaces, author of many well-received books by the young generation, winner of the award for The Best blog. The idea of public transport being free if reading a book during the trip – a campaign implemented in Cluj – made Victor famous in the international press, from Europe to Peru. Currently, he continues to work as a librarian at a unique library, within a car service in Cluj, and also as a narrator of the story Service Auto lovi.

Simona Ciff – Psychologist, with a strong desire and ability to encourage and  motivate people to stand up, fight and create the best version of themselves.

Baghiu Maria Despina – Professor of Pediatrics, with a specialization in Pediatric Oncology, dedicated her entire professional activity to students, resident doctors and children with hemato-oncological diseases, being also a founding member of the Association “Together for the Children with Cancer”.

Cornel Marian Hoza – Entrepreneur, one of the founding members and President of Beard Brothers, probably the most non-conformist organization in Romania, founder of a graphic and web design company.

Hedi Hoka – Psichologist

Dan Mașca – CEO and director at Reea