Egalitate Reala, Nu Conceptuala!

Problema specifica de la care s-a plecat odata cu conceptualizarea proiectului se refera la inegalitatea de sanse si discriminarea femeilor pe piata muncii la nivelul regiunii Nord-Vest. Solutia s-a transpus intr-o serie de actiuni a caror scop este oferirea femeilor din regiunea Nord-Vest a unui imbold psihologic pentru a se auto-depasi, si pentru a se implica activ in actiuni de dezvoltare personala si profesionala.

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    Darko says:

    EFRU supported JCI Malta on the Lets Do It Campaign which was held on the 1st of May at the Majjistral Nature Park.THE EFRU team came with two units and aronud 10 staff, all qualified in emergency rescue mode. First aiders constantly patrolled the 3km squared area and offered support whenever needed.An EFRU vehicle also constantly patrolled all the area while distributing water as support to all the Lets Do It volunteers. An ambulance was also on stand-by strategically placed in the core of the activity.Luckily no major incidents were reported.I fully recommend the EFRU team for any support needed for any event as their professional approach is an asset to any event, were peace of mind is needed!Well Done!

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